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It's Finally Here!

You are reading my first ever post on a blog that has been on the making for quite some time now. It has been in my heart to document all the adventures and also the everyday life inside the Baltazar household. I finally got the courage to get all the things I needed to make it happen. Here it is.

The purpose of this blog, first and foremost, is to make God look the awesome God that He is. The things He has done in our lives and still doing is worth sharing with everyone. Not just the good stuff but even the challenges and the difficulties He's allowed us to go through for our growth and strength we wanna share with you as an encouragement and inspiration.

I also want to share free resources with you like printables and artworks so watch out for that. You can also expect to see parenting tips and resources, fashion inspiration, and to just keep you updated with what is going on in the Balty's House. I will try to post twice a week. Please subscribe so you wouldn't miss out.

Blessings and love!

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