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Ethan's Kindergarten Graduation

My big boy graduated from Kindergarten this week and I could not be more proud. I know, I know, it's kindergarten but I'm a mom! I am always proud of my kids' achievements - big or small.

Here's a picture of Ethan on his first day and last day. Nothing changed much except he probably grew taller an inch or more. Today we measured his height and he is an inch shy of 4 feet! 4 feet! I told him soon he will be taller than me.

See, that's what I always keep in mind - that time flies so fast and we need to make the most of every moment we have with our kids. It is one of the few things we cannot take back. But also be hopeful, because if you missed a season in life with your love ones, time can be redeemed. You can start now. Make memories. Enjoy the little things like they say. I try. We plan to have the best summer yet so watch out for that.

Ethan got the "You're so bright" award and he was consistently an Honor student.

Thankful for the opportunity to be able to have him go to the best school around - Marin Christian Academy . He sure will miss his teachers but he's excited to be a first grader too. New adventure awaits!

Enjoy more family pictures below.

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