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Cars 3 Review - What an amazing day!

Okay, where do I start? I guess I will start about 4 years ago when we introduced Ethan, then 2ish, to the movie Cars. He right away fell in love with the characters especially McQueen and Mater. We bought him the DVD and he would watch it multiply times a day. We bought the characters' die casts and all. Then came Cars 2. More characters - exciting story plot. He fell in love even more. We bought him the Blu ray of course and he became the biggest fan! We bought everything Cars - from his bed and bed sheet to his underwear.

But then he got introduced to other movies as he grew older, like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and I honestly got a lil sad. But that's whole different story. It also took a while before Pixar came up with the latest one - Cars 3. We got really excited when we found out that it's coming out. We couldn't wait till it shows in theaters.

Now here's where the story really starts about one of the funnest day. Kim, my cousin in law has a friend that works for Pixar and he hooked us up for a day of fun touring Pixar Animation Studios and to watch Cars 3 inside Pixar before it even comes out in theaters!!! I was super stoked!

Here's the iconic lamp and the ball from Toy Story movie.

Now for the review, I don't want to spoil it for you guys so I'm not gonna delve into details but I'd say some points why I loove the movie

1. Everybody from the first movie (from Radiator springs) is still there. I love how they are a community who genuinely love each other. Something to think about, in life it is better to have a community you belong to whom you know got your back.

2. Cars 3 is packed with action - you and your LOs will not have a moment of boredom. Ethan was at the edge of his seat the whole time. So full of excitement!

3. The movie made me laugh! A lot of funny scenes that will surely make you laugh! Mater is ever funny but the new characters are funny as well.

4. There's a lot of values your kids can learn from this movie like honor, knowing who you are and being unafraid, and also helping somebody else be who they need/want to be.

My family and I recommend this movie to anyone who's a fan of Cars. But even if you have not seen the first 2 movies - I'm sure you will still enjoy this.

Special thanks to Kim, who loves (and spoils) Ethan and Clay. You help us make great memories with them. Thank you so much! And to his friend who works for Pixar, thank you.

BTW, we got to go to ikea before the tour and found the table we have been wanting to get for 50% off! Yay!!! Then we went to eat Ramen, our favorite, after that and then we went to Pixar. Then after the movie we found out that the Warriors won the game tonight making them NBA 2017 champions! Now I don't know how we'll top today! What an awesome way to start summer. We feel so blessed by God to experience such a beautiful day!

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