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Father's Day Weekend

Hello family and friends! Here's a recap of our hot, like, 108° hot weekend.

Okay, we are from the Philippines and my hubby and I are used to the hot weather, but for some reason this feels different. How was the weather where you're at?

Our Saturday started with pancakes for breakfast and our regular routine (which I will post sometime soon). In the afternoon we headed to Yuna (12) and Yuan’s (5) pool birthday party. They are our friends’, Elmer and Joy’s kids. Ethan had been looking forward to this event because he loooves to swim. When we got there Ethan went in right away. Clay on the other hand was not very excited about it. Maybe the water’s too cold for him and there were a lot of people there too and he is not a people person, yet.

It was a fun and food filled party. It’s just always good to be around friends you love.

In the evening we headed to our friends’ church because they had an apostle guest speaker that they wanted us to meet. It was a blessed time. Although most of the time I was running after Clay who couldn’t sit still – nevertheless it was good to be there.

Sunday was Father’s Day! We like to celebrate events like this at our church because it brings families together. We wanted to let all the dads know that we love them and look up to them as our heroes. We have some amazing dads at New Life and I couldn’t be more blessed to have the Balty Boys be surrounded by men that are good influence and role models for them as they grow up. But I’d say we have the best one in our household. Mr Balty is the best dad we could ever have and I know my boys, Ethan and Clay are secured and will be loved all the days of their lives because of this man. Andrev thank you for being a remarkable dad.

After church we head out to have lunch at Kettle’s Vietnamese Bistro with our adoptive daughter, Marsha and also Grace came and had lunch with us.

Sunday was really hot like I said earlier but I thank God for Elmer and Joy for letting us borrow one of their portable ACs and I tell you – it’s a lifesaver! We just stayed in the room because anywhere else we would all have melted.

Looking forward to the next weekend because it will be my birthday! Yay!

Love to all!

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