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Favorite Clothing Store for Toddlers and Boys

I have been asked a few times where I shop for the boys and usually, people get surprised when I tell them the stores I shop at – either they didn’t know that that store sells kids clothes or have never heard it before. I am going to share with you 2 of my favorite places to shop for my boys. I will tell you why I like them and some other stuff too.

1. H&M

I have been shopping at H&M since I gave birth to Ethan (2011) and now I have Clay too, H&M has been a go to store for me.

Style: Their collection is pretty cute. From T-shirts, Jeans to Formal wear like blazers and trousers.

Quality: I gave a lot of Ethan's clothes to his cousins when he outgrew them and they are still in pretty great condition. Shirts shrinks a little bit but I guess it depends on how you care for them.

Affordability: Shirts start at $4.99 and they usually have a sale going on or coupons. Bonus: If you bring a bag of old clothes at the store they will give you 15% off your next purchase.

Convenience: I have the H&M app on my phone so as soon I receive an email about a sale I can check it right away. I usually shop through the app although the nearest H&M store is not that far, about 15 miles away from our house. When I purchase something online that does not work in person I can do a return through the mail or in store.

Sizing: It fits true to size if your kids are average size.

Shipping: It usually takes 7-10 days for the items to arrive which I guess is the down side if you want your clothes right away.

Favorite stuff to buy here: Shirts, Basics, Onesies, Jeans & Underwear

Up to 70% off sale is going on now.

2. Zara

I just recently found out about Zara kids and I love it! I have been shopping here for about a year now.

Style: Their selection is similar to H&M. A lot of cute shirts and joggers. Their jeans are pretty cute too.

Quality: So far so good. No shrinkage. Although I have not bought as many items here as H&M, it is looking like Clay will be getting some hand me downs from his big bro.

Affordability: It is pretty affordable compared to a lot of kids clothing stores out there right now. It is a little bit more expensive than H&M but not that big of a difference. Shirts start at $5.90 and jeans at $19.90

Convenience: The app is the way to go if you want to shop here. They don't have a lot of shops around here and the nearest one is in the city about an hour away from me. So it really is not the most convenient because you will not be able to see the items in person and you wouldn't know if you will like the items when you receive them. So far, I have liked all of the clothes I bought here even if I have not seen them in person before buying. If ever you need to return an item, you can do a return at the store for free or you can have the carrier pick it up from your house.

Sizing: True to size.

Shipping: I'm impressed on how fast their shipping is. Usually, it takes 3-5 days to receive my order which is way faster than H&M.

Favorite stuff to buy here: Tshirts, Jeans, & Shoes

Conclusion: I know more and more people are ditching fast fashion but hear my heart: kids grow so so fast and I will not pay more than $10 for a shirt. It's not like adult clothes where it is smarter to buy investment and quality pieces. And so far, we have handed downs clothes bought from H&M and Zara to families overseas and they are benefiting from them, so if you look at it that way it's not really a waste.

Zara Sale is going on now.

Where do you shop for your kids? I really want to know and maybe venture out and explore your favorite shops. Let's talk, comment below. :)

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