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Mrs Balty's Birthday Weekend

June is normally one of the busiest and the most expensive month for me. Our calendar is filled with birthdays and meetings. Literally, our friends and family compete for the weekend schedule for their parties. Not to mention the baby showers and bridal showers! It’s that crazy! However, despite having so many birthdays to celebrate during the month of June, there are 2 dates that are very important to me. It's the 23rd and the 24th. Those are my Mom’s and my wife, Mrs. Balty’s birthday. The 2 of the most important women in my life. I am gonna focus on Mrs. Balty, my beautiful wife Milkee in this entry. I am going to share with you the things that happened during her birthday weekend and some good things I have observed. Enjoy!

Friday, the 23rd

The celebration started this night. We went to New Life Church HQ to help set up for a class. She could be relaxing this time and get ready for her birthday the next day but she is in always in passionate pursuit of Jesus in her life. The students from our church family that were present sang a Happy Birthday and have her blew her cake. She also got a card with their messages to her. It was a good start for her birthday weekend celebration.

Saturday, the 24th

Mrs. Balty was out early to help set up the baby shower of Stephanie and Titan Moreno’s baby Sebastian. For the last decade, my wife had willingly helped coordinate and decorate parties for our friends. She enjoys it so much. Whether the process or the finished product, she rocks it with her all might and creative juices in her. She spends her personal money too to make sure that the designs will be beautiful to make the celebrant happy! Oh did I mention it was her actual birthday and she’s out and about first thing in the morning to help set up somebody’s party? She wouldn't want me to write about this, but I think we gotta give honor where honor is due. The couple bought her a cake though and we sang a happy birthday to her. Thanks to Titan and Steph Moreno for doing that. I was blessed to see people show their love to her as she has relentlessly done to our friends and church community.

Then it’s my turn. I secured a babysitter for both of our kids for the whole night and off we go. It’s like back in the days when we didn't think of anything but enjoying the moment and just laugh and talk about anything under the sun. We did a great job not talking about our life as pastors and church stuff. We stayed in the lanes of just me, her, and plans. We went to The Pub in Petaluma that serves an amazing Cajun Calamari! I got a burger and she got blackened salmon. Next stop is the massage place. I booked a couple’s massage to finish the night with a bang! She loves getting massages. Being a mom of 3 boys (including me) is never easy. She deserved it and I was so glad to see her relax and get pampered. I enjoyed it too and was a happy man indeed.

Sunday, the 26th