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A Busy Mom's Daily Make Up Routine

Hi, everyone! When it comes to wearing makeup on the daily, I am a late bloomer. I didn't really start till I was in my mid 20's. Before, when I would wear makeup people would say "Wow, what's the occasion?" but then when people got used to me wearing makeup, whenever they see me without it they would say, "Are you okay? You look tired". Oh well, I guess you can't really win either way.

So I want to share with you my daily makeup routine. Hopefully it would help moms who don't really have a clue what to put on or what to use. What I do or use might at least give you an idea where to start.

It literally takes me 5 minutes to make my face look decent enough to not get asked if I was sick or something, lol! I am in awe of moms who have extensive daily makeup routines. I just don't have the time. But my facial routine is something else. I am a firm believer in taking care of your skin - I will post about it next time.

So here we go

1. After my face is washed, toned, and moisturized I put my powder foundation on. I use Sephora's Matte perfection powder foundation. My skin is combination dry oily so I like using Matte. You can use whatever powder suits you depending on your skin.

2. The second thing I do is fill my brows in. My brows are not that bad but I just feel more put together if I have my brows filled in. Brows are important because it frames the face. Somebody gave me money for my birthday to get microblading - I'm putting it off because! Lol! Anyhoo, I use Covergirl Brow & Eye Makers. and I just brush it upwards and outwards.

3. Then I put blush on. I use CLINIQUE 'Blushing Blush' Powder Blush. In Precious Posy. Not too much, just a couple of strokes on my cheekbones. I love this because it is super pigmented. I've had this bad boy for a really long time now. This color goes well with every skin tone too.

4. Finally, I put on a lip tint. I use SEPHORA Collection Rouge Lip Tint. It's lightweight, highly pigmented and lasts all day for me.

Let me know your daily makeup routine in the comments below. Stay beautiful inside and out moms!

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